Location: Madrid, Spain
Client: Valdecarros' compensation board
Area: 1.934 ha
Housing: 51.656
Residential: 4.937.507 m²
Tertiary: 1.157.220 m²
Industrial: 1.702.656 m²
Public service: 102.607 m²
Green areas: 5.789.247 m²

It is the largest urban development in Madrid. IGB participated in the planning and developed the construction project. Technical assistance is in progress for the authorization of the project by the city of Madrid.

The area limits to the north with the A-3 motorway, the Ensanche de Vallecas, the Atalayuela and the Mercamadrid. To the west with the Manzanares River. South and East with the M-50 and with non-urbanizable land of the municipality of Madrid.

It is crossed by the M-31, the M-45 and the M-50 where the accesses from the service roads and the collectors were designed with their respective structures.

It includes specific projects of general land movement, diversion of the services concerned, paving, drinking water supply, irrigation network with waste water, sewerage, telecommunications network, electricity grid, natural gas distribution, public lighting and green areas.

The demotion of water supply arteries, collectors, gas pipelines, an oil pipeline and high voltage power lines was also designed.

The main roads have been equipped with service tunnels. There are also two storm ponds and eight tanks of regenerated water for irrigation.

Environmentally it was necessary to consider that the sector is crossed by the Colada del Santísimo, La Torrecilla, Valdelaculebra and Congosto; the rivers of La Araña, La Gavia, Monteviejo, Las Barranquillas, Valdelaculebra and the Manzanares river, which have been integrated into urban development through the design of large green areas.